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Unbroken Bond Side Story

A New Addition Part One

"Ah!  My God!"  Madison screamed from the long white hospital bed.  "This is torture!  Why?!  Why would you do this to me, Spencer?!"  Tears fell from her eyes in pain, ripping out another scream.  Spencer was holding her left hand, letting Madison squeeze Spencer's hand as hard as she could.  

"It's okay, Madison.  Everything is going to be alright."  Spencer said, trying to calm down his wife.

Madison angrily looked up at Spencer.  "No, everything is not going to be alright!  Do you know how this feels?!  Do you?!"  Madison snapped, before resting her head back down on the pillow.  

"You can do it, Madison.  I know you can.  Just give another push, okay?"  A male doctor sat at the end of the bed, as he looked in between Madison's legs, waiting for the sign of Madison and Spencer's newborn.

Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, as Madison tried giving another push, ending in another scream.  "Gah!  You little brat!"  She shouted at the baby, who still wasn't born.  "Why won't you come out?!  Are you trying to kill me?!"

"Madison, please calm down and try again."  Spencer said.

"Shut up, Spencer!  Just shut up!  You're the one that brought me into this mess!  If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be enduring this!  So just shut your mouth and be quiet for once!"  Madison moaned for a second, before looking up at Spencer again and saying, "Dear lord.  You are such an ass.  I thought you loved me!"

"I do, Sweetie.  I do.  Just hang in there and give another push."  Spencer instructed.  Madison ignored Spencer's orders, but reluctantly made an attempt of giving another push.  Once done, Madison gasped for air, her heart racing wildly.

A ring from Spencer's pocket interrupted Madison's moaning, quickly taking it out his cell phone with his free hand, flipping it open, and asking, "Hello?"

"Dad?" The person on the other line asked.  "How's everything going?  How's Mom?"

Spencer's eyes widened, before whispering into the phone, "Austin?!  How the hell were you able to get on the phone?!"

"Well, it wasn't easy."  Austin said, giving out a low groan, making the phone crackle and pop, probably rearranging the small phone in his hand…or finger.  "Right now I have it on speaker but you're going to have to speak a little louder.  I can barely hear you.  How's Mom?  Is she doing alright?"

Hearing the question, Spencer glanced back at Madison, who was barking up a storm at the nurse, demanding for pills to stop the horrid pain she was dealing with.  Spencer turned his gaze back to the phone pressed to his ear.  "Your Mom…she's…okay…"

As if on cue, Madison's face took a fierce turn in Spencer's direction, commanding out, "Spencer!  Get your ass over here!  You're my husband!  You should be here beside my bed!  Not over there chatting on the phone!  Gosh, you are so awful!  You are such a son of a b-!"  Spencer swiftly put a hand over the phone so Austin wouldn't hear it.

Spencer let out a sigh, silently shuffling his feet to Madison's bed and whispering in her ear, "Madison, I'm talking to Austin."

Suddenly, Madison's mood dramatically changed.  Even through the physical pain that she was enduring, Madison tried to manage a straight face so she could talk to Spencer.  "Austin?"  She whispered.  "Is he okay?  Why's he calling?"

"He was wondering if you were okay."  Spencer answered.

Madison started to nod, looking up at Spencer from her hospital cot.  "So…Austin's fine?  Nothing bad happened over there?"

Spencer shook his head.  "No, from what I heard, he seems fine."

"Oh…well then…"  Madison calmly said, one eyebrow twitching.  Then before Spencer could respond, Madison caught a fistful of his shirt, tugging him down to her face and snapping, "If nothing's wrong, then why the HELL is he calling?!  Doesn't he know what I'm going through right now?!"

"He-he's just worried.  That's all."  Spencer said, a little scared by Madison's sudden mood change.

"That's all?  Well, tell Austin to not call us unless there really is something wrong!  Right now, we're dealing with bigger problems and their being a big pain in the ass!"  Madison said, ending with a loud scream.

Spencer gulped as he slowly put the phone back to his ear.  "Uh…Austin?  Did you catch all that?"

On the other end of the phone, Austin nodded and said, "Yep.  I won't call you unless something bad happens."

"Good boy."  Spencer said.  "I'll see you later."

"Same.  Wish Mom luck for me.  Bye."  Austin responded.

"Thanks.  Bye, Austin."  Spencer ended, shutting his cell phone and putting it back in his pants pocket.  Turning back to the bed, Spencer whispered to Madison, "Austin wishes you luck."

"Oh, thanks!  Like THAT helps!  I'll need all the freaking help I can get!"  Madison shouted.  "Just give me your hand."

Remembering the previous pain he got from Madison holding his hand, she literally squeezed so tight that he lost all feeling until she let go.  Putting his hands in front of him defensively, Spencer exclaimed, "Well, I don't think that's a-."

"Give me your hand!"  Madison snapped, reaching out and grabbing Spencer's hand, pulling it back down with her to the bed.  Letting out another fierce yell, Madison squeezed Spencer's hand with all her strength, as she gave another hard push.  Spencer's teeth instantly clenched together, quickly feeling all of the life being sent straight out of his hand as Madison continued to push their hands closer and closer together.  

Spencer should have expected this.  He should've expected it the day Madison told him that she was pregnant.  Instead, he didn't think anything of it and only felt like crying tears of joy.  He remembered the day as if it were yesterday…


"You're what?"  A thirteen-year old Austin asked Madison with a confused expression spread across his face.  Madison was standing in front of him, as he sat with his legs underneath him, on the earthy ground.  Spencer was standing beside Austin's giant legs as he stared, incredulously at Madison's smiling face.  

"I said, 'I'm pregnant!'"  Madison said as she held out a tiny white stick with two thin pink lines showing across it from one side to the other.  "I even have the test to prove it!  And to think I thought I had a stomach bug this whole time."  Madison squealed as she put the stick to her chest and smiled.  "I can't believe I'm having a baby!"

Spencer quickly grew a smile as he instantly ran toward Madison and hugged her, picking her up in his arms in the process.  "Oh my God, Madison!  We're having a baby!"  He said, joyfully, spinning Madison around in his arms, making her giggle.

Austin stared down at them with one eyebrow raised.  "I don't get it.  Mom's pregnant?"

Spencer stopped spinning Madison so they could speak. "Yes.  Your mother here is pregnant."  Spencer replied before kissing Madison on the cheek.

"But what does it mean?  To be pregnant?"  Austin asked, leaning his head in to listen to the couple's response.

Madison was set down by Spencer before walking toward Austin.  "It means I'm going to have a baby and that you are going to have either a new baby brother or a new baby sister.  Or maybe even both."

Spencer's eyes widened a little in a bit of a panic at Madison's comment.  "Both?"

Austin and Madison ignored Spencer, as Austin asked, "A baby?"

Madison nodded. "Yep."

Then something struck Austin that he didn't truly understand.  "Can I ask you one more thing?"

"Sure.  Anything."  Madison said, as Spencer walked up beside her, his eyes looking up at Austin.

"Okay, then…where do babies come from?"  Austin asked, his brown eyes big with curiosity.

Madison and Spencer both flinched as they heard and felt their hearts stop beating for a second.  He wanted to know where babies come from?  Out of all the questions in the world, Austin wanted to know the answer to that?!  Wait, wasn't Austin thirteen?  Wouldn't he already know the answer to that?  But then again, Madison and/or Spencer never did teach Austin the ways of childbirth as he slowly grew up into a teen; skipping that section of the lesson and only teaching him how to count and spell.  And they doubted Austin's real parents told him at such a young age.   And besides, there was never a proper time to tell him how it was done or even to bring the subject up.  So then, how were they going to explain this?

Madison and Spencer both glanced at each other as they gulped down what seemed to be their courage of telling the giant kid the truth of what happens.  Hmm…maybe there was another way of telling Austin the events of childbirth.  But how?

"So…you want to know where babies come from?"  Madison asked, looking down at her feet as she fumbled with her fingers, nervously.  She glanced at Spencer and saw him doing the exact same thing.

Austin leaned back and put a finger on his chin as if thinking.  "Well, yeah.  I mean, like, what happens?  Is there something that happens before you get preg…nant?"  Austin asked, trying to remember the word that involved babies.

Madison and Spencer's heads both shot up in fright.  Now he wanted to know what happened before pregnancy?  The couple's cheeks turned bright red in embarrassment as the memory of how this all began entered their heads.

Spencer felt blood drip from his nose at the memory of that night.  Madison however, felt one of her eyes twitch, horrendously at the memory of wearing something so inappropriate and wrong.  What the hell was she thinking?  Was she completely drunk that night?  What if the baby found what Madison was wearing that night when he/she got older and asked her what it was?  Dear God, when she was done having this conversation with Austin, she really needed to burn that thing.  She vowed never to wear anything like that again.

"Um…Mom?  Dad?"  Austin questioned, as he looked down at their dumbfounded faces.  "You okay?"

Madison and Spencer both looked up in bewilderment as they were snapped back to reality.  "Oh, uh, yeah.  Of course we are."  Madison said with an embarrassed smile; before glancing at Spencer, seeing the blood coming out and quickly elbowed him in the arm.

Spencer grunted and instantly wiped the blood above his lip.  "Yep."  Spencer agreed.  "Perfectly okay."

Austin smiled.  "Okay, then can you answer my question?  Where do babies come from?"  

Spencer sighed and walked up to Austin, as he leaned his elbow against Austin's giant knee.  "Well, Austin, you'll have to be told this someday.  So, I'll tell you now."

Madison gasped as she realized that Spencer was about to give Austin the dreaded talk.  He wasn't ready for that!  He just wasn't!  What the hell was her brain dead husband thinking?!  

"Austin, when two people love each other very much, they-."  Spencer said, but soon had a hand slapped across his lips to prevent him from saying anymore.  Spencer glanced to the left and saw Madison staring angrily at Spencer.

"They what?"  Austin asked.

Madison kept her hand over Spencer's mouth as she answered Austin's question.  "Oh that's not what happens.  Your dad was just talking loads of baloney."

"He was?"


"Then where do babies come from?  And tell me the truth."

"Okay, well…babies come from the sky."

Austin raised an eyebrow in confusion.  "The sky?"

Madison nodded.  "Uh…yeah.  The sky.  And then when they're born, a giant white bird called a stork carries the baby in a white blanket all the way down to Earth and to the baby's parents where they will be united and loved."

"A stork?"

"Mhm.  Isn't that right, Spencer?"  Madison questioned, removing her hand from Spencer's mouth.  

Spencer looked at Madison, strangely before shrugging and saying, "Yeah.  Babies come from storks in the sky."  While thinking to himself, Spencer thought, 'Austin will never believe this crap.'

"Whoa."  Austin said and nodded.  "Cool."

Spencer gasped.  'Austin actually believed that crap?!'  He thought.

"Well, that's cool.  I'll be able to have a little brother or sister.  I can't wait."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Austin."  Madison smiled.

Austin nodded and slowly stood up.  "I'm going to go exploring in the forest.  You wanna come?"

Madison and Spencer both shook their heads.  "No.  I have to speak with your father for a second."  Madison responded, wrapping a hand around one of Spencer's arms.

Austin shrugged.  "Okay.  See ya later."  And with that, Austin walked off into the forest, also sending tremors with every step he took before Madison and Spencer couldn't hear and/or feel anything that would give them the impression that Austin was still there.

Then, with a sigh of relief, Madison turned, sternly to Spencer.  "What the hell were you thinking?"

"What?"  Spencer asked, obviously not knowing his mistake.

"You were planning on telling Austin what really happens before a woman gets pregnant?"

"Oh.  That.  Well, I don't know.  He just seems like he should know.  That's all."  Spencer said.

Madison sighed again.  "You're hopeless, you know that?"

Spencer smirked.  "Yeah, I know.  But that's why you love me.  And maybe the baby will have the same trait as me."  Spencer said, moving closer to Madison so their sides were touching as he put a hand over Madison's flat stomach.

Madison giggled.  "I hope not.  Otherwise, we'll be in a world of trouble."  Madison said, tilting her head so it was leaning on Spencer's shoulder as she put her hand over Spencer's on her stomach.  "I can't believe we're having a baby after so long."

"I know.  Now let's just pray that nothing happens."

Madison nodded.  "As long as I'm here, I won't let anything happen to this baby, even if it kills me."


Spencer's eyes pinched together, his face almost as red as Madison's, as she gave out another push, resulting in another yell and another squeeze to Spencer's now-lifeless hand.  Spencer could feel himself whimper in pain, biting his bottom lip to keep himself from screaming.  

"Come on, Mrs. Swan, you can do it.  I can just see it."  The doctor said with plastic gloves on and ready.  "Just give me one more push."

With her forehead dripping sweat faster than a fountain, Madison squeezed Spencer's hand tighter than ever, screaming to the top of her lungs in pain, giving another strong push.  The doctor gasped, saying, "Good, good work, Madison.  The baby's coming.  Just one more push and the baby will be here."

Madison's teeth clinched together, her eyes wincing with strain.  Peeking with one eye open down at the doctor, Madison breathed, "Just make sure it's alive when it's born.  That's all I want."

"You have my word."  The doctor responded, before getting back to work.  "Now let's wrap this up with one more push.  I know you can do it."
Madison closed her eye and let out a high whimper.  Spencer looked down at Madison, seeing the tears swimming in her closed eyes.  Getting down on his knees next to the bed, Spencer said, "Come on, Madison.  You can do it.  I know you can.  I believe in you.  I love you.  Please."

"I love you too, Spencer."  Madison said, looking at him through one green eye.  "But…please make sure that you do something for me after this.  Promise you will."

"Of course!  Anything."  Spencer said, leaning his face in toward Madison's.

Then, closing her eyes, Madison whispered to Spencer, "If I don't make it through this, make sure you take care of the baby and take care of Austin."

Spencer's eyes widened, showing tears standing in his eyes.  "What?"  He gasped.

Madison didn't respond.  The only thing she did was let out another fierce scream, giving another hard push.  Suddenly, the most beautiful sound illuminated the hospital room, filling everyone's ears: the sound of a baby, crying.  

Spencer's head snapped toward the doctor, seeing a newborn baby in his arms.  The doctor's eyes softened down at the crying baby, before looking up at Spencer and saying, "It's a girl."

Spencer smiled with happiness and relief, as he watched the doctor hand the baby, umbilical cord already cut, to the nurse to give the baby's first bath.  The baby was a girl.  The baby was alive.  Spencer couldn't believe it.  Madison and Spencer had just had their first biological child.

Quickly looking toward Madison, Spencer said with joy rising in his voice, "Madison!  The baby's a girl!  The baby's alive just like you wanted!"

But Madison didn't answer.  Spencer surprised, stood up from the floor.  "Madison?  Didn't you hear me?  The baby was born and it's a girl."  Spencer repeated.  But Madison still didn't say anything.  Spencer gulped, looking down at Madison's pale hands.  Then slowly taking Madison's hand, Spencer put a finger on her wrist, searching for a heartbeat.  Spencer couldn't find one.  Eyes immediately wide with tears pouring out of them, Spencer put both hands on Madison's chest, softly pushing on it, swaying her body from side to side.  "Madison!  Madison!  Madison, wake up!  Please!  Wake up! Madison, you can't do this to me!  What about Austin and the baby?!  You can't leave them!  Not now!  Not after everything we've been through!  Madison!"  Spencer cried, before his knees buckled, dropping them to the floor and folding his arms beside Madison's lifeless hand, Spencer buried his head in his arms and cried with sorrow.
A New Additon Part One. I told you I would get a short story of 'Unbroken Bond' up eventually. *sigh* If only summer was a little longer then maybe I would've already had this up. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed Part One, at least a little...

Part Two, I will try to put up before the end of August, but no promises.

Btw, in this short story, in case you decided to skim it and not read it all, Austin is 13 years old, not 7. Also, I'm sorry if I made any mistakes including the process of a child being born. I tried my best, but if I do have any mistakes then I'm sorry.

But anyways, I'll see ya later.

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if Madison survives: well, not unexpected, and it is a heart racing event anyway.

If she dies: an interesting development because that would mean Spencer now has to have a whole butt-load more responsibility, and from what I have read, he can't handle it, but needs to learn to. I could see this happening, and if you feel like you need to, don't worry about it pissing off fans, good stories have tragedy in them! think about Shakespeare.
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I think you nailed the process pretty well, but there should be nurses around, usually a few nurses, to watch for something just like this. I think my mom said this is a blood hemorrhage or something, and people normally survive them now, especially if they are in the hospital when it happens.. but SuntMan is kinda correct, if a woman is having this much trouble delivering they will do a C-section. (which, if for some reason you are going to write one, can't be felt because of all the pain medications you get, and it takes about 12 min to perform)\

sorry, but my father is a Attending Physician/ Hospitalist and my mother is a Clinical Pharmacist (they have the title of Dr as well). and typically (this isnt a mistake) but doctors talk a lot to attending doctors about what is happening, requesting procedures and medicines, making sure they know what they are receiving and stuff. like once, when my mom was getting her appendix out, she asked the doctor (or was it the nurse) what pain medication she was gong to get, when she heard she requested a different one she knew more about and knew how it worked. I know that my dad was at my birth to make sure everything was going OK.
Zoology3 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
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No no, I understand, performing a C-section is normally done when the baby isnt going to come out head first because you have a good chance of breaking its neck (reason I was a C-section). and Doctors dont like to perform a C-section if it is the persons first child because it makes vaginal delivery of the second more risky. so like I said, it is done only in emergency.
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Well, I actually WANT to be a doctor, but a pediatrician, not the type that helps women give birth or helps with surgery. And if I have to do it, then hopefully I'll know what I'm doing and try not to faint...^^;
Tuiteyfruity Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I can see why people would want to, and I love that kind of thing, I just couldnt stand the death. my parents work in the PICU, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where the really really sick people are (like ones who need 24 hour monitoring, before or after surgery) or the really hurt people. sometimes people who might not make it.
Zoology3 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Oh wow. Yeah, I don't know if I'd be able to do THAT. I just want to help kids. I love them SO much! Also, for some strange reason, I'm very interested in the human body. Don't ask me why because even I don't know. ^^; But meh, it fits together perfectly. ^^
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No worries. It's okay to laugh. And I'll just have to wait to see what happens until Part Two. What will become of Madison?
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*sad sigh* :(
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